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• RE-USABLE Unlike wax candles, glass candle wicks don’t burn down.
• NO WAX, NO MESS  virtually no cleaning of glass candle required.
• SAVES MONEY  reusing candle lowers cost of burning candle. Smokeless odorless lamp oil provides for a
healthier and more pleasant environment for burning many candles at once. Glass candles packed in specialised trays for packing and storing.

Glass Candle Specialists (GCS), in association with Glass Blowing Industries (GBI) provides Table Lighting and adjacent Décor products to the Hospitality Industry. We favour natural flame as a light output and continue to develop, co-manufacture glass candles and lanterns using high quality lamp oil as our fuel source. Our focus is to develop light sources that can be re-used, achieve better burning rates/lower cost by using ever better methods and materials whilst emphasising the environment and human health in this process. Depending on our customer's requirements, GCS is able to customise the height of the candle's  flame.

Our catalogue has been devised with detailed information on every piece and candle, leaving customers to consider only the particular oil colour to best complement the setting. Owing to the myriad of options in deciding on what piece to use with a particular glass candle, GCS prices all advertised items individually, so customers can pick and choose products that best fit the purpose of their purchase.

GCS specializes in distributing smokeless and odorless lamp oils as well as making different coloured oils. We also sell Citronella oil using our smokeless oil as a base i.e. no toxic fumes unlike most other citronella oils found in the market place.

All accessory items (e.g. extra wicks, oil containers) and back up service is part of GCS’s promise to its customers. Our glass candles are packed in a tray system for better transport and storage. These trays may also be utilized at different events and venues where packing and unpacking is important.  GCS has various ways of packaging its products depending on the marketing channel in question e.g. event company, gift, resale.

GCS now also produces its own injected and blow moulded PLASTIC LANTERN with shade. With our ongoing research, we are leaders in manufacturing highly efficient products with ever better burn rates and lower cost to customer in fuel spend.

We are understandably proud knowing that our brand is trusted in the many market places we sell to. Virtually all our orders are done online. Enquiries and orders may also be done by email request, telephonic engagement, visiting our showroom or requiring us to send a sales agent to you. We look forward to be of service to you.

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GCS’S REUSABLE Glass candles are hand blown using high grade borosilicate clear glass in South Africa. A unique gift ideal as a wedding gift and reusable.

Why use glass candles as opposed to wax candles?

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